The tour - Susan Moss Photography

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In September 2018 Susan was priveledged to be the host for the Australia China Friendship Society's Photographic Tour to the Guilin region
For 13 days Susan and her group of 9 travelled with Chinese guide Rick from Guilin who had devised our itinerary with input from Susan and Mr He a Guilin photographer, whose daughter has been living in Perth, but speaks little English..
What a marvellous time we all had together and came home with a swag of amazing images
We will share our images here for you to enjoy.
Bob, Gabor, Daniel, Hilary, Nigel, Rick and Susan's gallery are live, Mr He Guilin photographer who accompanied the goup now has his gallery open. the others will be updated as the group send their images to Susan.. So stay tuned please

from Left back row, Frank Moyle, Bob Williamson, Nigel Gaunt, Gabor Bedo, Ray Moss, Susan Moss, Daniel Bedo                               
Front row from left Christine Moyle, Shirley Williamson, Hilary Smith

Mr He and Rick
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